Mama Kitty and Seven Kittens for Adoption : Starting Up
About Woofs and Books 

Woofs and Books strives to help children and animals through reading.

Woofs and Books will rescue and provide shelter to cats, dogs, and rabbits; ensure they are vaccinated and spayed/neutered; and provide training for the dogs.  Once the dogs are trained, Woofs and Books will visit schools and libraries in Noblesville, IN to facilitate reading/literacy sessions with small groups of children or individuals and their new furry friend.

Children who are shy, lack self-confidence, or have difficulty verbally communicating benefit the most from the sessions. When the child reads aloud to his/her attentive, non-critical, furry audience, the child is less stressed, is not afraid to make reading mistakes, and begins to enjoy reading. 

Woofs and Books will primarily work with children ranging in age from 7 to12-years-old.  During these reading sessions, the children are not taught how to read; instead, literacy is emphasized.

There is numerous data available detailing the benefits to the child when participating in these reading programs, such as improved:

1. grades
2. class participation
3. self-confidence
4. compassion and respect for animals

During the reading sessions, books promoting pet adoption and  responsible pet ownership will be selected.

In addition to the child benefiting from the reading sessions, the animal, previously abandoned or surrendered, will become accustomed to new environments and children, obey commands from others, and enjoy playing with different people.  All of these activities should improve the pet's chance of being adopted. 

Woofs and Books is a newly formed organization and is federally tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The facility is located in Noblesville, IN.

Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated!

Fun Facts!

  • Organized in 2010

  • Leasing a rural property in Noblesville, IN on 3 acres that has a beautiful farmhouse, workshop, and barn

  • Rescued and adoptable pets to include cats, dogs, and rabbits

  • Services will be targeted for children ages 7-12

  • The reading sessions will be free at schools and libraries and will last 30 minutes for each group

  • The woofs and licks will also be free

  • Individual reading sessions at Woofs and Books' facility will be available for a nominal fee

Mama Kitty and Seven Kittens for Adoption

by Miranda Martin on 06/26/11

Woofs and Books has SEVEN kittens who are 4-weeks-old that will be available for adoption in mid-August.  Friends of Woofs and Books were kind enough to take care of a very skittish, scared stray cat by feeding her but they could not house her.  They also noticed the stray kitty was pregnant, and Mama Kitty was transferred to Woofs and Books' facility.  It was a struggle to get her in the cat carrier, and she howled during the trip.

Then the drama began.  Mama Kitty (I know, very creative name) was placed in the barn. The next day when Mama Kitty was checked on, she was gone, unless she was under her invisibility cloak.  A small opening was found in the top corner of the barn which would explain how she escaped.  Sadness and guilt ensued since Mama Kitty was in an unfamiliar place with no food and was pregnant. 

For several days, cat food was left outside the barn in hopes she would return. At last, on the third evening, Mama Kitty was spotted eating the food. Yay! Relief was felt knowing she was still alive.  The cat food was then placed in the barn with the door left open in hopes of catching Mama Kitty again and moving her to the workshop.  She was spotted several times in the barn eating but was so skittish she wouldn't let anyone near her.  During the second week, we moved the cat food into a trap, but Mama Kitty had enought street smarts not to go into the trap.

So, persistence and patience were needed.  During the third week, Mama Kitty showed up at the same time each night and went into the barn to eat.  She finally allowed us to pet her and was very friendly, probably due to her hormones being out of whack since she was still pregnant.  Ha.

Mama Kitty did not show up in the evening for several days, and it was suspected she had given birth.  When she did arrive at the barn again, she was thin and very hungry.  She was followed that night to try and find where she was hiding with her kittens. She ducked under the neighbor's deck and couldn't be found - clearly a diversion tactic!  Two days later, she was followed again and her kittens were found near the neighbor's deck.  Not wanting to scare Mama Kitty so that she would move elsewhere, a quick glance was given to the kittens and there appeared to be 5 kittens.  

Now a plan was in place since the kittens were found. So, when Mama showed up to eat her food the following night, Mama Kitty was grabbed, surprisingly easily, and was moved to the insulated, air conditioned workshop.  The kittens were retrieved one at a time, and oh wait, not 5, not 6, but 7 kittens were in the hiding place!

Since June 1st when Mama Kitty and her seven adorable kittens were placed in the workshop, they have been an absolute delight.  Mama Kitty is very affectionate and loving and purrs and kneads constantly.  The kittens have progressed from barely walking to wrestling with each other, investigating the litter box, and licking up milk.  It is quite amazing to observe how much they have changed in almost 4 weeks.

As a treat for the kittens, well, maybe not a "treat" but rather an experience, the kittens were placed on Mia, a very gentle, patient, Great Pyrenees. Hey, the kittens have to get used to dogs at some point, right?  Mia sniffs and licks them and the kittens go on their merry way.

Mama Kitty and the kittens have been examined by a vet, Mama Kitty tested negative for FeLV/FIV and was vaccinated, the kittens were de-wormed, and Mama and her kittens are all very healthy.  All the kittens and Mama will be spayed/neutered at the beginning of August, and will be available for adoption by mid-August. 

Woofs and Books hopes to find loving, forever homes for these 8 precious cats.  Some pictures are on the website and more will be added.  The adoption fees vary and can be reduced by donating supplies or volunteering for a few hours.  All 8 cats will be completely vetted and spayed/neutered.  Since Woofs and Books is a start-up, non-profit organization (translation: there is little money in the coffer until the first fundraising event, a Golf Scramble, in September), the adoption fees will greatly help offset the medical costs incurred.

More updates to follow on Mama Kitty and her kittens.


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