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Helping animals and children through reading.
Benefits have resulted from the literacy/reading sessions between children and their furry friend; however, scientific studies measuring the results were not available until 2010. 

Two scientific studies were conducted by the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and Tony LaRussa's Animal Rescue Foundation. 

“The first explored changes in reading skills among third graders in a public
school and the second study focused on home-schooled students. Researchers
found that the kids’ reading fluency improved by 12 percent in the first study
and by 30 percent in the second study.”

And 75 percent of the parents reported that their children read aloud more
frequently and with greater confidence after the study was completed.”

READING TO ROVER: Does it really help children? Veterinary school says ‘yes’

Study: Reading to Dogs Helps Children Learn to Read

Tangible benefits of these sessions were noted by Woodmoor Elementary School for participating in the Reading with Rover program. In addition to increased reading fluency, teachers noted:

•  Decreased absenteeism
•  Kids have improved self-confidence and self-esteem
•  Kids have a sense of pride in their accomplishments
•  Kids become involved in other school activities
•  Kids are gentler and have more respectful interactions with animals
•  Kids find reading fun and volunteer to read aloud in class
•  Kids check out books from the library and ask the librarian about books

Reading With Rover data

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Data and Benefits of the Reading/Literacy Sessions
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